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Business Oppurtunity

Business Opportunity


  • Registration Amount is Rs. 100
  • Topup Amount is RS.1000
  Online Work income
  • Entry 5 Data /week Earn =5x10=50
  • Video promo =2x25=50

Sponsor Benefits  
After direct 2 sponsor
1st sponsor complete online work =5Data x Rs.5=25+25 promo=50
2nd sponsor complete online work =5Data x Rs.5=25+25 promo=50
Total Sponsor ROI Income=100/week
After 10 week 1 direct sponsor compulsory for full ROI income other wise 50% income deducted
Direct sponser=5%
Direct Sponsor Income:
  • Earn 5% from joining Amount on direct referral
  • Direct Sponsor Income will be received in Income EWallet
Binary Income:
  • 10% on matching amount
  • First Tail required 1:2 or 2:1 (First 3 Direct Referral 2:1 / 1:2 Compulsory)
  • After Tail 1:1 is required
  • Binary Income will be received in Income EWallet
EWallet Process
  • You will Earn Trailer & Data entry Income on every Trailer Once in a week
  • Trailer & Data work Income will be received in Trailer EWallet
  • Member can purchase the Pin or Transfer the Amount from Trailer EWallet
  • Trailer & Data work Income will be received after watch trailer & Verified Data, Trailer EWallet credited after 14 days on joining

Single Leg Income-

1.Only Direct 2 sponsor compulsory for single leg income .
2.Any member get Rs. 10 for all the Activations after his/her activation in company.
3.Any member withdrawal Rs.2000 in a time .
4. ROI Income Bank withdrawal is only Rs.500 and on Date-10th,20th and 30th only .
5. Binary Bank Withdrawal is only Rs.1000 and Date-10th,20th and 30th only .
6.Single leg income withdrawal Rs.2000 Date is 30th only .
7.Binary income and direct income closing Daily in midnight
8.10% Admin Charges will be applicable for all Growth Incentive. & 10% for All Working Incentive
9.10% deduction will be applicable on Pin transfer .
10.Activation Pin Generation is Rs.1000 by user and company both but registration pin is Rs. 100 by company only and Rs. 200 by user and this amount is deducted from user's working wallet.
11.Daily Capping of binary incentive on single ID is 15 Pairs.



You can Start this highly profitable business within 5 minutes

Market Study

Mobile and its value added services have brought about a revolutionary change to our life style, making it an inevitable part of us. Mobile subscribers and Service companies are increasing day by day. Recent Surveys reveal that by the end of 2013, India will have more than 120 Crores of mobile subscribers. That means almost 90% of our total population will be using mobile phone. More International Mobile Service providers are also targeting India. So the opportunity & market in Telecom Sector is very wide and unlimited.


You can customize your control panel & website as your wish. You can upload your own company logo, contents and also make changes according to your needs. Full Administration privilege will be yours. All our Services are 100% white labelled All our Services are 100% white labelled. Our Company Name or back links will never display on your website.

  • Works with your domain/subdomain
  • Upload your Logo & Contents
  • Full Admin Privileges
  • 100% White Labelled Ready Made Website & Control Panel


No need for any special requirements or infrastructure to start this business, you can even start this business from the comfort of your home or run this business as part time. No technical skills or Programming skills required. We will take care of all such major things.