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Welcome to Unique Add Concept (A Group Of Companies)

Business Plan                                                                   


Active Rs.500 
Get   All in one Recharge Service (worth 500)and Anti Radiation Card (worth 499)

Topup Package -                                                                          

Topup Basic Package 1000-

Choose One Package-

Option A –With Product                                                             

Product-      (Pendent +Anti Radiation Card)
Data entry -10 Data per week
Income - Rs. 5 Per currect Data     =10 x 5 = 50 Rs./week  Total 20 week (1000)

Option B – Non Product – Online Data Entry                             

Data entry -10 Data per week
Income - Rs. 10 Per currect Data     =10 x 10 = 100 Rs./week  Total 20 week (2000)


Direct 15%
Binary 5%
Daily Payout
First Binary 2:1 or 1:2 (3 Direct sponser compulsory) After then 1:1

Sponser Benefits                                                                         

Direct First 3 Sponser

Downline below 5 level income by 3 Matrix
1 st Level=4 Rs.120
2 nd Level=3 Rs.270
3 rd Level=2 Rs.540
4 th Level=1 Rs.810
5th Level=1 Rs.2430
After 10 week 1 direct sponsor compulsory for full ROI income other wise 50% income deducted 
Direct sponser=15
Direct Sponsor Income:                                                                               
·  Earn 15% from joining Amount on direct referral
·  Direct Sponsor Income will be received in Income EWallet

Binary Income:                                                                      

·  5% on matching amount
·  First Tail required 1:2 or 2:1 (First 3 Direct Referral 2:1 / 1:2 Compulsory)
·  After Tail 1:1 is required
·  Binary Income will be received in Income EWallet

EWallet Process                                                                 

·  You will Earn Trailer & Data entry Income on every Trailer Once in a week
·  Trailer & Data work Income will be received in Data  EWallet
·  Member can purchase the Pin or Transfer the Amount from Data EWallet
·  Trailer & Data work Income will be received after watch trailer & Verified Data, Trailer EWallet credited after 14 days on joining
Note – Wrong Data entry submit Income is not Generated
Single Leg Income-                                                                         

1.Only Direct 3 sponsor compulsory for single leg income .
2.Any member get Rs. 10 for all the Activations after his/her activation in company.
3.Any member withdrawal Rs.2000 in a time .
4. ROI Income Bank withdrawal is only Rs.500 and on Date-10th,20th and 30th only .
5. Binary Bank Withdrawal is only Rs.1000 and Date-10th,20th and 30th only .
6.Single leg income withdrawal Rs.2000 Date is 30th only .
7.Binary income and direct income closing Daily in midnight
8.10% Admin Charges will be applicable for all Growth Incentive. & 10% for All Working Incentive
9.10% Deduction will be applicable on Pin transfer .
10.Activation Pin Generation is Rs.1000 by user and company both but registration pin is Rs. 200 by company only and Rs. 500 by user and this amount is deducted from user's working wallet.
11.Daily Capping of binary incentive on single ID is 15 Pairs.

12.10% TDS 10% Admin charge Deduction on Fund Transfer in Recharge Wallet
Note – If you Do not work this system After join Then you can cancel your ID (ID cancel within 1 month Date of join and not received any income this system, After 30% Deduction on topup Amount company Refund in your Bank Account/Senior Account)